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About Benefit Investment Group
Summary of Industry Experience

As a brokerage firm representing profit and non-profit organizations for over 25 years, Benefit Investment Group is highly knowledgeable and results-oriented in providing employee benefits best suited for each client. Benefit Investment Group’s wide spread experience across several industries has illustrated key similarities faced by all entities regardless of size and financial structure. These similarities include:

  •  Maintaining employee benefit plans within budget requirements
  •  Concerns regarding the well-being of employees
  •  Limited benefit resources

In order to address these key issues and supply each client with the best plan, Benefit Investment Group has developed a systematic and thorough procedure allowing each agent to cater employee benefit plans to the exact needs of each individual company.  

(Fig. 1) The B.I.G. Way has been proven to be effective and successful over the years.  The agents' responsibilities are as follows: 1. Evaluate their clients' budget, existing plans, and client feedback regarding plans. 2 Built relationship with HR managers and company controller. 3. Run quotes through specialized office software and cross-reference with carrier quotes. 4. Compare plans using a benefit to rate ratio. 5.Develop packages outlining results. 6. Deliver presentation to board of directors for review and discussion. 7. Provide overall best alternative for employee benefits.