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Benefit Investment Group has been established since 1990.  Our mission is to provide our client with the best alternative to employee benefits through intimate broker relationships operating under the highest standards of ethical practice.   Benefit Investment Group is an absolutely distinct firm, revered for our dedication to nurturing the growing relationships and quality services provided to our select pool of clientele. 

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Benefit Investment Group has a unique approach to offering employee benefits, worker’s compensation, liability and other insurances.   Each client is selectively targeted and solicited by the primary broker.  A two-manned team is then assembled to serve as broker and company liaison. All agents are located in our Arcadia, California, home office.

Risk Management

Benefit Investment Group is well established in California, currently expanding in Texas and other states.
A company that is equipped to identify and provide understanding, as to the nature of your risk, and define steps in risk management resolution.  We focus on loss exposure as it relates to your company.  We assist in choosing and developing risk management techniques to reduce your risk exposure, which has an effect on your employee benefits and insurance cost as a whole.